Do you smell innovation?

Yes, that’s our IT team cooking some fabulous digital products in our well-equipped software facility!

Based out of India, SNV is a bespoke software development company building high-performance applications for fundraising startups and global enterprises. We work to create an astounding impact and deliver digital tools that are nothing short of next-level excellence.

We are a team of certified coders and online marketing specialists working in cohesion to augment digital experiences and achieve inspiring results. We bring ideas into being using our own specialized approach that eases attracting success and creating market dominance.

By far, we have rolled out over 700 projects across the UK, US, and Middle East and working on several more to create a more connected and digitized ecosystem. Our team loves to play with all time-tested tech stacks and juggle with bleeding-edge technologies like Blockchain and FinTech, which means all that you want is all that we can do. Drop a line and share your requirements, and we’ll connect to see how we can design something awesome together!

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Projects Delivered



Satisfied Clients



Rehire Rate



Been fantastic working with them and appreciate their patience.

Great technical understanding and very happy with work

Understood the project needs and completed the job on time and on budget.

Highly recommended. Have hired multiple times and continue to deliver excellent work.

Amazing! Super satisfied with their work and would definitely hire them again!



Our Team

Vaibhaw Bhargava

CEO @ SNV- 10+ Years

The torch-bearer of SNV, Vaibhaw is a visionary owning a wealth of experience in the company strategic planning, development, and leading the team by example.

Trapti Rodwal

HR Head - 4 Years of HR Expertise

A dynamic and positive human resource professional knowing her domain out and out. Proficient in HR operations & knows the traits of getting commendable talent on board.

Ankit Saxena

Sr. Codeigniter & WordPress Developer - 7.5 Years

Much sought-after tech expertise jam-packed in one professional! Specialties- WordPress, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, & MS package2007.

Amit Sharma

Software Developer - 8.5 Years

A hardcore programmer and highly-experienced IT guy with down to earth attitude. Specialties- C/C++ , PHP 7.0.x, Laravel, C#, Node.js, Windows/Linux Servers.

Chintan Trivedi

Web Builder - 6 Years

A competent and confident chap who knows a lot about coding and conceptualizing new ideas. Guiding freshers and building fluid & dynamic interfaces. Specialties- WordPress, PHP, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, CakePHP, CI.

Prakhar Kant Tripathi

WordPress Developer - 4.5 Years

Delivering every project awesome’ is this guy’s motto for lifetime. Diligent and full of potential to come up with promising WordPress solutions.

Ravikant Raikwar

Software Developer - 5 Years

Let him code and he will be happy kind of fellow! A smiling face, lover of challenges, and says nothing is impossible to code.

Aastha Neema

Software Developer - 5 Years

Consistency in code what makes Aastha happy, seamless in programming without less number of bugs.

Mahendra Rajak

Web Developer - 4.5 Years

Core Wordpress developer , loves working on cusotimization part.

Deepak Nirwan

Web Developer - 4.5 Years

Love to play around all set of plugin in theme,quick understanding and great implementation.

Mukesh Varma

Web Developer - 3.9 Years

Never give up,in simple words hard working guy.

Sunny Varma

Web Developer - 3 Years

Keen learner for any new technology this is what makes him happy.

Nilesh Upadhyay

Software Developer - 2 Years

A talented fresher working around MVC framework in PHP.

Anjali Gupta

UI Designer - 8 Years

A creative soul with passion to go as imaginative as one can think of. She is always brimming with novel ideas and a lot of positivity that makes crafting sleek and eye-catching designs.

Yogesh Gupta

Web & Graphic Designer - 5 Years

A decent professional focused on making the web-world more engaging with his amazing work of HTML/CSS.

Vasim Ahmad

Web Designer - 3 Years

A creative soul with passion to go as imaginative as one can think of. he is always brimming with novel ideas in UI.

Aamil Khan

Web Designer - 2.6 Years

Grasp the work easily and passionate about work, a great UI developer.

Deepali Sisodia

Quality Analyst - 2 Years

She make sure client should be happy however alwways make developers to get produce quality work, Quality analyst.

Tulaz Pokharel

Business Development Manager - 5 Years

Driven by passion and oozing confidence, this BD says sky is the limit to explore. A strategy shaper & influencer with charismatic knack of identifying customer markets, monitoring industry trends.

Alankar Kashyap

Business Development Executive - 3 Years

A growth hacker, cool head and talented BD professional who enjoys learning everything new. Has sound experience in business analysis, negotiation, and business development for Web Development.

Nikita Suroshi

Business Development Executive - 2 Years

A goal-driven performer with rational decision making ability. She has her own approach with sourcing, managing and implementing new business opportunities.

Khushboo Thakkar

Business Development Manager - 5 Years

Make sure client business grow with her marketing stratgey , this is what makes her happy , great sales skill for 360 maraketing.

Ravi Ahiriya

BDE & Internet Marketing Analyst - 4 Years

Responsible for the client communication and delivering strategies and action plan according to project requirements to generate ROI for their business.

Pankaj Janbandhu

Digital Marketing Team Lead - 5 Years

Managment Guru in internet marketing , Pankaj have sense of responsbility to make sure team deliver what has promised to clients.

Varshali Dalal

Digital Marketing Executive - 2 years

An enthusiastic and confident SEO professional expert in her domain inside out. Delivering amazing results and meet client's requirements very well!