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Our partner program is designed to deliver benefits to a network of like-minded agencies. If you are a digital marketing agency, creative agency, web design and development agency, consultant, or individual, we welcome you to partner with us.

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Outsource Projects

If you are looking for skilled resources to handle your projects and clients, we are here to help! To make work hassle-free for you is what we are aiming at. Not just by guiding you in the right direction but also by providing the required number of hands and minds as required.

  • You can utilize our resources to manage your projects.
  • Our team will be taking care of your projects right from the beginning and achieving the desired results.
  • Choosing us as your outsourcing partner will save you costs, increase your talent pool, and you can focus on your core services.


We can cross-sell our services to each other. By doing this, we can attract more clients, provide them with quality services, create a strong clientele and get a stronghold in the market with exclusivity.

  • We can add your services to our packages to attract exciting and new clients.
  • You can add our services to your package to attract existing or new clients.
  • Cross-selling each other's services can help us attract new clients and retain ongoing clients for the long term.

Reseller Program

We offer you a reseller program in which you will earn a referral amount for every client you send our way. If your clients want to advertise on the web or hire an SEO company, let them know about us, and we will share the reward with you.

  • You don't have to worry about work management and results; we will take care of everything.
  • From strategy planning and execution to achieving results, our team will closely work on every project.
  • This program allows you to create value for your clients and grow your community.

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    Our partners can receive potential leads, close more business, achieve new revenue streams, and project a high level of expertise in digital marketing.

    You will get referral benefits from fixed or hourly-based contracts signed for the projects that you refer to.

    You can sign a contract for a minimum of 1 month to get a one-time referral amount. If you want to get a recurring bonus, the contract should be signed for at least 4 months.

    We can also create a customized package as per your convenience with reseller benefits so that you can sell our services directly and get the referral amount when your client signs a new contract with us.

    There is no fee or investment involved in becoming our partner. We want you to work collaboratively and benefit from our partner programs.

    • You need to submit your business information and contact details through our contact form.
    • We will check your details and get back to you within 3-5 working days.
    • If everything fits under the partnership criteria, we will set up meetings with your agency members.
    • We will sign a contract If both parties agree with the partnership program, privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc.
    • We will share a digitally signed Partnership Agreement or NDA with you to get started.

    Our reseller packages are designed to provide you with a fair amount of fixed benefits with each service we provide. We can discuss the requirements and offer you a customized package that fits your client’s budget.

    If it goes higher than expected, we will try to offer our services at minimum cost. So you can efficiently serve and retain the clients for the long term and get an ongoing referral amount for a minimum 4 months contract.

    You need to sign a legal document as per The Indian Partnership Act, 1932, that includes business information, terms, and conditions that fall under the partnership. We will share your legal partnership agreement document based on our discussion.

    Any individual or group of partners can join us and become our partners.

    We majorly operate in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, and UAE. We are also open to work with clients from other regions across the globe.

    We have been working in the digital marketing industry for a decade. We serve digital marketing services to all industry/niche-based businesses except for a few niches like Batting, Casino, Adult, Illegal service provider, etc.

    We have our own reporting templates to share weekly and monthly reports with your clients. If you want us to share white-label reports, you can share your template.

    Also, we have the expertise to generate reports from other reporting tools like Google data studio, Semrush, etc., to show the progress and overall project performance in a better way.

    At the time of withdrawing the partnership, all the debts and pending invoices should be cleared, and the dissolution agreement should be signed with mutual interests.