Outsourcing SEO is a prevalent practice in today’s digital landscape. It’s not worthwhile to fork out thousands of dollars in hiring experienced SEO specialists and conduct all the work in-house. 

Introducing Drop Servicing 

The Drop Servicing Business model is gaining overwhelming popularity as it promises good revenue without a huge investment. If you’ve not heard the term ‘Drop Servicing’ before or how it works, then read on!!!

What if someone finds clients, pitch and close the work, then contract with others to deliver the work? Sound pretty incredible? 

It’s a simple business model where you sell marked-up digital services and outsource all the work to a freelancer or agency for a lower price. Here, you are just playing the role of a middleman who is dealing with the clients, and the entire project gets completed by the freelancer or an agency.  

For example, When you hire a construction company to construct your house, they don’t build it all by themselves; instead, they subcontract the job to experts (electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, etc.) and then add up their price to make a profit. You can also understand it with another example of copywriting. Creative agencies working on behalf of brands do not usually produce contents they sold; they outsource the job to talented and experienced copywriters. 

In 2021 Drop Servicing business model is much popular and used by marketing agencies where they outsource digital marketing work to agencies or freelancers at a low price who complete the project.

How Does Drop Servicing Works? 

The drop servicing business model is straightforward to understand. You need to design a robust yet captivating Drop Servicing Website to sell your services online, and then, you have to find someone who will actually work on the project. 

  • Firstly, start promoting your business to get the clients. 
  • Once you get them, ask for the project details and other requirements and forward them to the service provider (an agency or a freelancer). 
  • Once the project gets completed, deliver the work to the client. 

This model is all about selling services at a high price and finding someone to do the work at a lower cost. 

Is Drop Servicing is Legal? 

Well, it’s completely legal! There’s nothing wrong with Reselling White Label Services and making money off the price difference. This model works just like other standard business models: buy at low and sell at high. 

The only challenge is to find the clients who are willing to pay your asking price and an agency that is ready to deliver work at a certain lower price. 

Should You Hire a White-Label Marketing Firm for Your Drop Servicing Agency?

Approaching a white-label marketing agency would be the best option; it may cost you more than cheap and unskilled freelancers but is reliable, consistent, and delivers quality work. Here are the two major reasons why you should partner with a white-label agency. 

  • Availability of a Full Team of Professionals

White-label agencies have a whole team of SMM, PPC, and SEO Service Providers who have adequate skills and are armed with state-of-the-art tools to get your projects completed on-time and with consistent quality. You can build a long-term relationship with such agencies to streamline your workflow. 

  • Complete Transparency

A white-label digital marketing agency is an agency that does digital marketing work; they cater to resellers or drop service businesses, knowing that you’re using their services for your own clients. These agencies know everything in advance and are totally fine with it. 

Final Thought

Reselling Services is a great business idea that helps you earn good revenue. However, it’s suggested to partner with an agency having a qualified team and infrastructure as they will help you meet your client’s requirements more effectively. 

If you’re looking to hire a white-label digital marketing and web development agency, feel free to contact us! SNV Services is a full-service marketing agency that believes in creating a successful partnership with clients. 

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