Despite providing useful and valuable products to customers, if you haven’t seen the success you expected, it’s time to think smart and implement something extraordinary! Undoubtedly, a business’s rapid growth doesn’t happen overnight, but it requires full enthusiasm and the right actions to keep it moving forward. 

You can think of investing in SEO services to market your product/service among Internet users. This practice will certainly make your website more visible and improve its overall searchability, which simply means more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers. Moreover, SEO SEM Digital Marketing strategies help build brand awareness and position yourself as an authoritative and reliable expert in your field.

Well, some startups don’t have the financial capacity to hire digital marketers in-house; that’s why they hire an outside SEO agency. They placed their trust in an SEO agency, only to increase their organic rankings but destroyed through black hat techniques. That’s why it’s imperative to follow a proper selection process of choosing a Search Engine Marketing Agency to find the one you’re sure that you can work with. Now when the contract is signed, what should you expect from the company? Your SEO agency must share the same vision and objectives as your organization.

Let’s discuss some important things that you should expect from your hired SEO agency.

An Introductory Meeting: Transparency and Open Communication 

After choosing an SEO agency to oversee your digital marketing activities, you must schedule an introductory meeting with them, either in person or via conference call. During the first meet-up, ask these below-mentioned questions to avoid any ambiguity.

  • How long you’ve been providing such services?
  • Do you maintain a portfolio? If yes, share with us!
  • What will be your process of conducting online marketing?
  • How often will you report us about the changes, on-going process, and achievements?
  • When can I expect to see the results?
  • How exactly your SEO efforts help our business grow?
  • What will the pricing strategy or payment terms?

In fact, the SEO company will get the opportunity to ask and gather additional information about your business and marketing goals. Basically, the first meeting is a great time to reconcile any differences and clarify things you don’t understand. 

Audit of Your Current Website

The next thing that a Professional Search Engine Optimization Company will do is run your business website’s initial audit. An SEO audit is scrutinizing the websites to identify flaws and weaknesses. Agencies will carry out an in-depth review to evaluate your website’s technical health and highlight key actionable tasks that will help get some possible quick wins. The turnaround time for an SEO audit will depend on the website’s size and complexity like if there are more web pages, it will take a longer time. However, agencies have additional tools and programs to determine your website’s technical issues.

Once the audit gets completed, SEO experts will clearly explain their observations and suggest changes for better results. 

SEO SEM Digital Marketing - What Should You Expect From an SEO Company?
Search Engine Marketing Agency

On-page Suggestions & Optimization

On-page SEO optimization is a technical concern! Here are some top factors in On-page SEO:

  • Title Tags: It tells Google what your web pages are all about. Agency will make sure it is well-written, unique, keyword-optimized, and of appropriate length. 
  • Meta Descriptions: Meta Description is the text present below the title tag in Google search results. It should be relevant, engaging, and of appropriate length (usually contain characters up to 160). 
  • Heading Tags: Heading on web pages are highly visible to visitors; therefore, experts will make sure it is appealing and have relevant keywords. 
  • XML Sitemap: Sitemaps list every URL on your site and search engines use this map to find and crawl pages more efficiently.
  • URL Structure: Experts recommend making URLs brief along with integrating keywords if possible.

Beyond that, there are several other factors as well, including image optimization, website loading speed, Robot.txt file, website blog suggestions, and much more. 

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO involves every activity that you do outside of your business website to improve SERP position. Getting links from relevant sites with high levels of domain authority will increase the chances of ranking higher in Google results. Off-page Activities include Brand Mentions, Blog Commenting, Forums Posting, Guest Blogging, Link Building, Social Bookmarking, Newsletters, and more. 

Content Audit

An SEO agency conducts a detailed content audit to make sure it syncs with the exact intent of the searcher. They examine the entire content on your website to learn what’s working and what needs to be updated from consumers and Google’s point of view. Knowledgeable writers craft keyword-rich content that indicates to the search engines what your website is all about and what phrases you want to be ranked for in the search results. Make sure keyword-rich doesn’t mean you should fill your content with an abundance of keywords, instead, follow the proper keyword-density ratio.

An agency has access to different tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs, using which they identify the right length of content to be posted on the website. Moreover, to draft grammatically correct, clear, and easy to read content for your site, they use applications like Grammarly that provides context-specific suggestions to help with grammar, spelling, wordiness, style, and punctuation. After writing the content, experts will check the uniqueness of content using SEO Plagiarism Checker Tools. 

Once the content is placed on the website, they will keep track of how content is performing. 

A well-reputed SEO agency always does regular website monitoring, for which they use different tools like Google Search Console. Google Search Console notifies its users if Google is unable to crawl and index websites. Users will receive alerts for spamming or other issues on the websites. This tool will highlight and fix server errors, site load issues, and security-related issues as well. Your hired White Label Digital Marketing team must provide you with regular reports to let you know how things are going. 

We hope this article will be useful for you! 

Find experts prudently and happily take your business venture to new heights.

Good Luck!!!

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