Congratulations on building your WordPress website and take a step towards establishing an online presence. But, you can’t just ‘make-it-and-forget-it’ or expect it to work forever. Being a website owner, you must not overlook its maintenance! An outdated yet not-properly-maintained site poses a high risk of hacking and prone to several potential problems like increased load speed and declined SEO rankings. 

Search Engines and visitors appreciate websites that are well-designed, error-free, updated, and in good condition. WordPress Maintenance Service keeps a website runs smoothly, fixes errors, and protects it from unwanted hackers. It makes your website look more attractive to potential customers. 

Updating the Core CMS, Plugins, and Themes is a challenging task; simply clicking ‘update’ can break the functionality. You must hire WordPress Support and Maintenance services to keep your site optimized for fast loading while also looking its best. 

WordPress Maintenance Service - SNV Services
WordPress Maintenance Services

Partner with us; we take care of all your WordPress headaches. 

  • Website Backups

Having a fresh backup is essential to run a successful website! Don’t overlook this concept because every website is vulnerable to hacking attempts, DDOS attacks, data theft, and data loss. 

You might be thinking, ‘I don’t need a WordPress Website Backup solution. Who would want to hack my website?’ Well, hackers usually take over websites for financial gains; if they saw your website as a profitable platform, they can try to hack it. In case of a successful attempt, they can steal critical business information, including customer and payment details, place unwanted ads on your website, or replace banners.

Beyond that, loss of data can also occur due to website crashes or the failure of servers. If you have the latest website backup, you can recover data and restore a website in minutes. We’ll keep your site’s backup on the cloud on a daily basis. 

  • WordPress Plugin & Theme Update

To ensure WordPress work healthily, getting website maintenance done is crucial! 

WordPress is speedily evolving and expanding; more features and functions are included and upgraded to keeps your website working seamlessly. Outdated plugins and themes are a crucial gateway for hackers trying to take over your website; therefore, you should keep your WordPress plugins and themes up to date to improve your site’s security and performance. 

We take care of website plugin and theme upgrades on a weekly basis to ensure your website functions with the latest version of WordPress and continues to be secure.

  • WordPress Core Update

As discussed, WordPress is upgrading by leaps and bounds. If the WordPress Core is not up-to-date, your website is unable to keep functioning in the way it was intended to. It not only results in a poor user experience but affects your site’s ranking negatively. So contact us to keep your website updated, well-secured, and backed-up on time!

  • Security Monitoring and Website Protection

Hiring WordPress Website Maintenance Services ensure your site is safe and secure from hackers. Our team will run a regular malware scan and alert you, even about the little security concern caught in a regular scanning. It prevents your website from unexpected attacks or getting hacked by cybercriminals. 

At SNV Services, our skilled and passionate web development team can fulfill all your customized needs and let you focus on your business. We believe in a transparent working process and seamless communication to keep your website live, well-optimized, secure, and healthy at competitive prices. View our WordPress Website Maintenance Plans here

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